When you choose a therapist…

Choosing a therapist is a very personal search. You will want a highly skilled expert who resonates with your personality and your unique situation. Dr. Judith Pilla invites you to call to discuss your specific counseling needs and any questions you have about therapy. Together, you can decide whether meeting with Dr. Pilla is the right next step.

you will find insight, compassion, and solutions…

You’ll want a therapist who is responsive to your concerns, truly effective, and whom you can trust. If you decide to meet with Dr. Pilla, you will find:

    • Compassionate understanding so you feel less alone,
    • Prompt relief and confidence that answers are possible,
    • Goals for treatment that you and Dr. Pilla develop together,
    • Solutions that are effective, practical and will endure over time.

with careful attention to privacy…

 A private, confidential therapy setting is important, especially in the age of electronic medical records that access personal information. Dr. Pilla will work with you to understand privacy issues related to medical insurance; how to maintain confidential correspondence; and how to protect your privacy when working together with your school, college, employer or other organization. 

for you, your personal relationships, or your family…

Dr. Pilla treats teenagers, young adults, and adults who are experiencing stressful life changes or emotions that are difficult to manage. Whether you are calling about therapy for the first time, seeking a new therapist, obtaining information for a family member, or have been referred by another professional, Dr. Pilla will be pleased to speak with you.  (610) 687-1955.

through Health Bridge Associates.

Dr. Judith Pilla founded Health Bridge Associates to provide a network of resources. These include:

    • Psychotherapy and counseling services provided by Dr. Judith Pilla, PhD, PMHCNS-BC.
    • Professional consultation for parents, health care providers, attorneys, and child support service experts.
    • Referral to trusted professionals for related services, such as psychiatric evaluation and medication management.
    • Community and professional education.
    • Financial consultation services for clients to ensure that counseling is affordable.
    • Research and publishing support.
    • Clinical supervision and consultation for professionals.