Choose the right type of counseling for you

You and Dr. Pilla will talk about the type of therapy most appropriate for your goals. She has a broad range of expertise conducting psychodynamic, cognitive-behaviorial, family systems, structural family, conjoint transactional, and problem-focused therapies, as well as other modalities. Dr. Pilla can explain the differences between them, as well as what she recommends for you. Together, you will decide which type of therapy best suits your needs.

Others’ participation may be important

Dr. Pilla may recommend meeting with one or more family members, or a significant other, for a comprehensive assessment and to develop goals for your therapy. Decisions about who will participate in therapy, how often, and how best to integrate others’ participation will be a collaborative effort between you and Dr. Pilla.

Work with your schedule and budget

You may have a busy day-to-day schedule into which therapy must “fit.”  You may prefer a flexible schedule for sessions that changes week to week. Or you may want a regular session time that you can depend on. You can work with Dr. Pilla to decide a schedule that accommodates your counseling goals, your availability and your budget.

  • Quick Relief

Weekly therapy brings rapid improvement, plus the continuity important for reaching your goals. For some, twice weekly sessions — at least to start — may be important to bring critical relief or to make high-stress situations manageable.

  • Bi-weekly Therapy

If your schedule or your budget makes weekly sessions difficult, Dr. Pilla will work with you to develop a bi-weekly treatment program. This can include modules completed at home in the weeks between appointments.  These provide a bridge between bi-weekly counseling sessions to ensure that you meet your therapy goals while allowing you to stay within your budget or schedule.

  • Using Medical Insurance

If you have medical insurance coverage, Dr. Pilla will work with you and your insurance company to access any benefits you are entitled to for your therapy treatment. You may be eligible for in-network benefits. Or, you may be able to claim out-of-network benefits with insurance claims statements Dr. Pilla will provide to you.